Additional Works by Wesley as Editor

Wesley Works LogoIn the early planning of The Wesley Works Project it became clear that there was not room to include all of John Wesley’s manuscript materials and publications, particularly given the number of printed works by other writers that he abridged and republished. It was decided to devote the printed volumes of The Bicentennial Edition mainly to prose items that were largely original to Wesley. While understandable, much can be gained from studying not only Wesley’s selection of materials by others to republish, but also his editorial practices in abridging them. Thus one section of this site will be devoted to transcriptions, with essential annotation, of Wesley’s edited publications that are not included in the printed volumes. Major groupings planned include the following:

The Arminian Magazine

The Christian Library

Poetry and Hymn Collections [provided in cooperation with the Center for Studies in the Wesleyan Tradition, Duke Divinity School]

Survey of the Wisdom of God in Creation

Other Edited Works