Volumes Planned

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The Bicentennial Edition of The Works of John Wesley
Volumes in Process

These are the remaining volumes planned for this edition (and the assigned unit editors). We anticipate publishing one volume a year, in the order that they become available.

Volumes 5–6: Explanatory Notes upon the New Testament
Unit editor: John Lawson
Introductory essay: Isabel Rivers

Volume 8: Worship
Unit editors: Raymond George, Geoffrey Wainwright, Karen Westerfield Tucker

Volume 15: Domestic, Moral, Political and Economic Writings
Unit editors: David Hempton, Rebekah Miles

Volume 16: Catechetical/Educational Works
Unit editor: Geordan Hammond

Volume 17: Oxford Diaries
Unit editor: Richard Heitzenrater

Volumes 28–31: Letters
Unit editor: Randy L. Maddox

Volumes 33–34: Edited Works and Full Bibliography

Volume 35: Index and miscellanea